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Latest Artwork and Exhibitions

New Painting!

"Morchella Esculentoides" Oil 11"x14"


New Exhibition!

I have been accepted into the Cedarburg Artist Guild's Annual Juried Exhibition!
The painting "Coffee I" will be on display at the Cedarburg Cultural Center from August 16th till October 12th. There is also a People's Choice Award for this exhibition. Voting will be open August 16th until September 5th at 1pm!

New Painting!

"Coffee II" Oil 24"x24"

Detail of "Coffee II"

New Paintings!

The Cedarburg Plein Air Painting Event has come to a close. I did not win any awards, however I am pleased to announce that I sold all three of my paintings. The award-winning paintings can be found on the Plein Air Blog.
Here are two out of my three paintings (the photograph of the third unfortunately did not work out)
"South Beach Fog" Oil 11"x14"

"Pond Scum" Oil 16"x20"

Rites of Passage Exhibition in Cincinnati

An image of my painting "Grandpa Stan" in Manifest Gallery. The sculpture in the foreground is the piece by Alexandra Dietz that won best in show.

New Exhibition!

I have been accepted into the 10th Annual Rites of Passage exhibition at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio!
The painting "Grandpa Stan" will be on display from May 30th till June 27th. For more information visit Manifest Gallery's website at

New Painting!

"Hygrophorusminiatus" Oil 16"x20"


New Painting!

"Coffee I" Oil 24"x24"

My artistic focus is going down a bit of a fungi path. I am especially interested in the beauty and diversity of mold. I am a huge coffee drinker and when I, admittedly, leave my mugs around the house I learned to love the unique patterns of mold that occur. This will be a complete series of coffee mold, and this is the very first painting of the series! I hope elevating mold to the fine art status will allow you to see the beauty of what is otherwise considered gross.
Detail of "Coffee I"

New Exhibition!

The painting "Mature Coprinus Comatus" will be shown at the 67th Annual Ozaukee Country Art Show at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. The exhibition will be up from March 30th till April 27th.

It is official!

I am a bachelor of fine art.

New Painting!

"Mature Coprinus Comatus" Oil 20"x24"


Two New Sculptures!

"Fiber Fungus"
Canvas, feathers, mossy plank,

Detail of "Fiber Fungus"

"Fiber Mold"
Canvas, feathers, yarn, polyester stuffing, plastic cooler

Detail of "Fiber Mold"

New Painting!

"Diera" Oil 48"x36"

Detail of "Diera"

My BFA Show

Fall 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Grandpa Stan" Oil 48"x36"

New Painting!

"Grandpa Stan" Oil 48"x36"

This painting is my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) piece for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee! I graduate with honors this month!
Detail of "Grandpa Stan"

New Exhibition!

The Crossing Over Art & Design Invitational Scholarship Exhibition will be taking place at the UW-Milwaukee Union Gallery and will feature the painting Shannon.
The opening reception will take place October 17th from 5-8pm and the show will be up until November 8th. The Union gallery is free and open to the public. For gallery hours check the Union gallery website here.

New Exhibition!

The Cedarburg Artist Guild's Annual Fall Exhibition is juried and includes a "People's Choice" award. The show takes place at Cedarburg Cultural Center in Cedarburg, WI August 10th-October 13th!
The paintings Dan and Stan will be shown in this exhibition!

New Painting!
Landscape created for the Cedarburg Plein Air Painting Contest
It is a rare occasion to see Shannon Lee doing non-figurative work!

"Cedar Creek" Oil 20"x16"

Want to be part of the art?!
What are your bad habits? Do you have odd mannerisms or daily rituals? Share and you may get unattractively immortalized through paint. I won't judge, weird is good. Weird is fascinating. We are all weird humans.
Throw me an email:
Or post it on my artist page: Shannon Lee on Facebook

New Painting Added!
"Shannon" Oil 38"x28"


New Painting Added!
"Davey" Oil 38"x28"


New Painting Added!
"Dan" Oil 38"x28"


New Drawing Added!
"Self Portrait in Charcoal" Charcoal Pencil 30"x15"


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